Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment is treatment of gums and marginal bone diseases.

Gingivitis is an inflammation which spreads throughout the gums. The symptoms are: red gums, bleeding when brushing teeth, bad breath and altered taste. Periodontitis is a more difficult form. It starts when the cause of the disease is not treated (most often, the treatment is removing soft and hard deposit), the inflammation spreads to the hard tissues and the marginal bone is affected, deep recess and teeth mobility appear. The disease progression can be stopped if professional oral hygiene is regularly performed.

Corrective therapy is usually needed if periodontitis progresses. Possible options include surgical treatment of periodontitis (gums and bone), gingivectomy, gingivectomy with bone shaping, curettage (cleaning of dental pockets), patch operations and frenectomy.

After the surgical phase (2-5 months), maintenance and reconstructive treatment is perfomed – filling, prosthodontics and professional oral hygiene.

Odontologijos klinikos Fabrica dentis įranga
Odontologijos klinikos Fabrica dentis įranga